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The health professionals at Peak Performance Chiropractic Clinic are committed to keeping current on best-practice techniques and treatments that will help you achieve your optimum health. At work, home, or play, be confident in knowing that our treatments stand up.  For more information, visit our About Us page, or call 519-507-4000.

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How Can Cold Laser Therapy Help You?

We have recently introduced low level laser therapy to further supplement chiropractic treatment here at our clinic.  Cold Laser therapy, or Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), has been proven to have beneficial effects on ailments such as chronic joint disorders, acute injuries, skin disorders and many more. LLLT is a form of phototherapy where light is used as a healing modality. Read on to learn more about how cold laser therapy can help you...

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  Plant and Rake Without the Ache

At this time of year, raking and other yardwork takes precedence. Read the tips below to learn how to properly position your body. This will help to reduce strain on muscles and joints.

  • Alternate tasks. Plan ahead to make sure you are switching between heavier chores, such as digging or lifting, and lighter ones, such as planting.
  • Pace yourself. Take frequent short breaks to change your body position and walk around or stretch. Don't worry if you don't get all of your work done in one day, it will be waiting for you tomorrow, and you'll end up with less pain and the same great results!
  • Rake in a "scissor" position. Stand with one leg forward and one leg back when you rake. Switch your hand and leg positions every few minutes.
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